Back into Northern Territory

18/7/14 – Well that was our last night in WA and it was a peaceful one, we enjoyed looking at the stars before retiring to bed.

The last 50 odd Kms of Duncan Road has lots of rocky areas as well as flood dips. We were just saying how the tyres take a beating on this road when we did a tyre on the trailer, first one on the trailer ever. Like all things we like to do them in style and totally threaded the tyre. Mmm don’t think Chris could plug this one, as one tyre specialist said once, I think it’s stuffed. We haven’t seen any road trains on this road but the moment we are trying to change a tyre we get 2. They were both great slowed down and checked we were ok.


Well that was lovely. We stopped at a rest area for morning tea (WA time) and some foreign tourists came and asked us which direction we were heading. They had bought a big bag of fruit and veggies in Katherine but were heading into WA and didn’t know you couldn’t take them in, so we scored them all. So very nice of them, hope they have a wonderful and safe holiday in Australia.

We did a small top up of fuel at Victoria River Roadhouse @ $1.95 L, to get us into Katherine.

We stopped for the night 33km out of Katherine at an old gravel pit up a road off a rest area. Late tea by NT times, have to get used to the new time zone, we then had a fire and a nice peaceful night.