All good things come to an end

Friday – 13/4/12

It was a bit noisy last night with trucks and cars on the hwy throughout the night. Much prefer those quiet country roads.

It was most likely our last night of having a shower under the stars. Was a little cool, not like out west where we hardly needed any hot water. As we have travelled we have turned the 12v hot water on, it’s been nice to turn up at our destination with running hot water straight up. That has suited this trip since we have been on the move a lot. When we did stay put a few nights easy to run the generator for the 240v hot water. The wooden duck boards I picked up last min as a trial for the shower have worked really well, so we will be making them part of our kit.

Our neighbours had a diesel hot water and heater and we could smell the diesel fumes, so for us we are happy with the way we went with the 12/240v hot water.

Well it’s has been a great shake down trip. We have found what works, what needs a bit of tweaking and what needs a bit more sorting out like tyres. The springs on the ute need sorting out too, we have been hanging a bit low in the rear. Standard springs that came with the Ute are a bit soft and fine with no load on the bitumum but not off road and with a load. Update: We have visited and talked to many different spring places, (the supposed experts) so we are well on the way to getting new springs and all the other bits they have suggested all sorted. We are very concious of weight in the Ute and on the ball and make sure the load is correctly distributed. Chris has done loads and loads of research on it all too. Seems you buy a 4wd vehicle new but it’s not really suited for 4wdriving without some after market products. As one guy said the manufactures have taken the 4wd out of 4wd’s. All the bits Chris did in setting up the ute have been fantastic, have made the whole setup/pack up a lot easier and everything has a spot.

The trailer went really well no issues with it apart from a little dust getting in due to the seals softening after some use from being new, a little adjusting is all that is needed. The trailer has lapped up the dirt roads, follows without a hitch, wouldn’t even know it was there. Setup has been quick and easy. We have had both awnings on the whole trip and only sent them up a couple of times, so we plan to take them off at the start of a trip when there is a lot of overnight stops, save having to battle with them blowing around in the wind.

We called into Bundaberg and Bargara for a bit of a look around. Had morning tea on the beach at Baragara.

Doing our run for home now, with some stops along the way. Lots of bits to get sorted for our next trip, the big one into the red centre for 8 week trip all up. Been a great trip and we have had lots of fun.

Approx 400kms travelled today, lots for the whole trip.