We currently choose to travel with an Aussie Swag Camping Trailer. Before that we travelled in a Windsor semi off road van, some of the posts and campsites are with the caravan, you can read more about this in the About Us section. We tow the trailer with a 2011 Holden Colorado 4×4 Twin Cab Ute, we put a Metalink Canopy on the back, which we have fully setup for travel in remote destinations.



We travel with an assortment of gear, some of which can be used to get us out of trouble when on the road. Things like full recovery gear, satellite phone, CB, 2 spares for the Ute and first aid kit and of course all the other gear one needs to travel this great country of ours. We like to be as independent as possible and free camp where we can. Depending on where we are going and what we plan to do, we sometimes take our tandem kayak with us.


We often get comments about the photos on our site and what camera’s we use. Anyone can take good photos regardless of what camera you use. A lot of our photos are actually taken with a Panasonic waterproof point and shoot. When we are being serious we get out the big guns, the Canon SLR’s. We always keep them handy as you never know when that Wedge Tail Eagle, Emu, Dingo or other wildlife is going to pop out in front of you. We have done many a U turn to try and get a photo of some wildlife.

As mentioned we both have Canon Digital SLR’s. Chris has the EOS 7D, Kate the EOS 70D. We have an assortment of lenses from wide angle to telephoto. We are lucky enough to both own one “L series” lens each. We have external flashes, tripods, spare batteries and cards the usual gear one has with SLR camera’s. We recently both got a Trekking Harness Safari Classic to use when we are doing the long hikes to make it easier to carry the camera’s rather than hanging them off our necks. These are yet to be tested.



Of course we are not afraid to get down and dirty to get the photo we are after.

We have kept a couple of our old Canon SLR’s cameras for use in the Kayak with a couple of older lenses. We find you can get very close to the wildlife with a kayak, the Panasonic is not fast enough (due to shutter lag) to use with wildlife and can get very frustrating when the wildlife has flown out of the frame by the time the actual photo is taken. It’s awesome to be able to paddle on the water amongst the dead trees and wildlife.


We also have Gopro camera for taking videos, with all the accessories one needs.